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Adhesive application systems for your production

Metering, mixing, and dispensing equipment for bonding, sealing, potting and gasketing.

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Expert solutions for the metering, mixing and dispensing of all types of fluids and pastes, single part or multi-component.

We can configure systems for the most demanding process control requiring repeatable beading/dotting; silicone potting in electronic and PCB encapsulation; or bulk spreading 2K PU adhesive in sandwich panels.

Single- and multi-component fluids may include resins and adhesives such as; polyurethanes, epoxies, silicones, MS-polymers, MMA Adhesives, polysulphides of other fluids such as greases and oils.

We also offer a wide range of industrial automation to pair with your chosen dispenser, as well as pumping systems for feeding dispense systems from drums and pails or for general fluid transfer.

We will work with you to find the right solution for your application, which we tailor to your needs: be it a stand-alone manual system, precision dispensing robot, fully automated production line or fluid transfer system.