Ultimus IV Accurate Fluid Dispenser

Ultimus IV is an electronic powered (Air-Free), positive displacement fluid dispenser for accurate dispensing of assembly fluids that change viscosity such as two part epoxy.

Using electronically operated stepper motors and patented control technology to advance and retract the piston inside the syringe barrel delivering precise, repeatable deposits again and again regardless of changes in fluid viscosity or temperature.

Ultimus IV is programmed using the touch pad operated menu to set specific deposit volumes (from 0.1 microliter and up), with ability to control flow rates and storing settings to recall later and no need to recalibrate or reset.

This Positive Displacement Fluid Dispenser comes with a 2 year manufacturer backed warranty, and has CE, ETL, RoHS,WEEE and China RoHS Approvals.

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EFD Ultimus IV Dispenser Features

  • All-electric, multi-function display
  • 100 user-defined memory cells
  • Non-pneumatic, shop air not required
  • Programmable pullback stops drooling

Ultimus IV Dispenser Benefits

  • Higher productivity and first-pass yields
  • Greater process control
  • Better dispensing reliability
  • Less rework & waste