Barcode Reader

Prevent rework and material waste

The Barcode Reader eliminates any human errors in your material container change process. This handheld scanner is compatible with any Rhino XD3 or SD3 on your factory floor. The color-coded light tower immediately notifies your operators if a material container is correct, expired or incorrect.

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3 Steps to avoid human error and rework:

The pump and ram will automatically lock upon removal of the previous material container until the operator acts:

  1. Operator scans the barcode on the pump
  2. Operator scans the barcode on the material container
  3. The light tower will notify the operator accordingly:
  • Solid red light means a scan is required
  • Flashing red light means the scan failed; the material is either incorrect or expired
  • Red light will turn off when the scan is correct
  • Solid green light means the unloader is ready


  • Ensures operator and product safety with automatic pump locking technology
  • Reduces downtime in material related production issues
  • Helps save costs associated with cleaning out the pump if the wrong material is dispensed
  • Prevents accidental base and catalyst swapping
  • Offers factory flexibility with quick-connect cable

The Barcode Reader even stores data in the controller to analyze performance. The following information will be stored:

  • Unloader station and number
  • Applicable faults incurred during change
  • Date and time of material container change
  • Material information:
    • Material container identification number
    • Material batch
    • Material expiration