Controlled Pressure Gun

The Nordson Controlled Pressure (CP) Gun is specially designed for robotic application of automotive adhesive and sealant materials. Its simple design and convenient operation make it ideal for use where closely-controlled adhesive or sealant deposition is required.

The CP gun combines a precision regulator with production proven Nordson Auto-Flo™ on/off dispense valve for maximum performance in dispensing adhesives or sealers in extrude, stream or swirl patterns. The compact, lightweight CP gun can be mounted on the wrists of most commercial robots.

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Dispenses wide range of materials for increased application flexibility.

  • Compact, lightweight design provides easy installation and service, and allows mounting on most commercial robots.
  • Dispenses heated or cold materials with viscosities up to 3,000,000 cps at working pressures up to 5,000 psi.
  • Auto-Flo dispense valve’s replaceable seal cartridge allows easy, on-line repair and maintenance.

To accommodate new parts, part styles, sheet metal tolerance or part nesting, the CP gun easily integrates into dispensing systems that require maximum flexibility in changing dispense patterns to:

  • extrude material for closely controlled adhesive deposition and consistent bead profiles
  • stream the material to avoid the risk of a dispensing nozzle touching or dragging a part
  • swirl the material to save material costs and minimize sagging.
Weight4.9 lbs (6.7 lbs with Auto-Flow Module)