Integrated Servo Dispenser

The ISD meter is available in single-acting or double-acting metering for precise flow of 1-component medium to high viscosity materials.

This system is ideal for sealer dispensing applications requiring high volumes dispensed quickly without reloading.

ISD systems typically use 2-ball or chop-check high volume pumps. Select a dispensing valve from a wide selection including Servo-Ribbon Applicator, Multi-Stream Applicator, Slotted Nozzle Applicator, Snuf-Bak, Tip-Seal and No-Drip for extruding, streaming and spraying materials.

Meter options include waterborne/abrasive material design, DeviceNet and material temperature control.

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Features and benefits

• Robot servo motor drives shot meter for desired flow rate

• Double-acting metering technology for continuous flow dispensing

• Surge-free material flow rate for precise bead profiles

• Flow rate is variable during the dispense cycle for varying tip speed or bead profile

• Designed for low- to high-viscosity unfilled and abrasive filled sealer materials

• Designed for up to 0.9 gallons per minute flow rates

• Includes wear-resistant wetted components and long life seals

• Stand-mounted or frame-mounted

• Recirculation capability to prevent material curing when not dispensing

Meter Volume per Stroke12.0 Cubic Inches or 196.6 cubic Centimeters
Max. Working Pressure3,500 PSI (241.3 bar)
Relief Pressure4,000 PSI (nominal)
Weight291 lbs.
Maximum Flow Rate0.9 GPM or 75 cc/sec
Minimum Supply Requirements600 PSI (41.37 bar) at 0.9 GPM (75 cc/min)
Maximum Inlet PressureNo greater than 500 psi higher than normal dispensing pressure
Inlet and Outlet Connections3/4" NPTF (inlet & outlet ports at both top & bottom of manifold)
Compressed Air Requirements0.5 SCFM @ 80 PSI filtered to 100 micron or better
Compressed Air Connections1/4" NPTF