Rhino SD3/XD3 Electric Bulk Unloaders

Rhino SD3/XD3 Electric Bulk Unloaders provide medium to thick material unloading via easy-to-operate electric controls. The full line of bulk unloaders includes 5- and 55-gallon dual-post configurations, stainless or carbon steel and ambient temperature or temperature-controlled systems.

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Long-Lasting Durability
Reduced downtime and maintenance through rugged design and the highest build quality that maximize production efficiency.

Operator Simplicity
Simple and intuitive front-facing operator interface features system connectivity in either Profinet or Ethernet IP, providing flexibility to meet customer specifications.

Features Bring Efficiency
Simplified controller interface, advanced light tower indication, extended air motor life, optimized hydraulic section and robust packing glands are just some of the features providing optimum efficiency.

Reduced Material Waste Brings Cost Savings
Ultra low-waste follower plate reduces material waste by over 65%, providing extreme cost savings.



Container Size
Pump Power Ratio
Wetted Material
Temperature Control
Standard Duty
5- and 55- gallon
40:1, 65:1
Carbon Steel
Ambient, TCU, 240V
eXtreme Duty
5- and 55- gallon
40:1, 65:1
Carbon Steel
Ambient, TCU, 240V
XD3 - SS
eXtreme Duty - Stainless Steel
55- gallon
40:1, 65:1
Stainless Steel
eXtreme Duty - ARW
5- and 55- gallon
Stainless Steel
Ambient, 240V

Volume per Cycle190 cc / 6.42 fl oz.
Maximum Output2.85 L/min. / 0.75 gal/min.
Maximum Cycle RateIntermittent: 1 cycle per 4 sec. Continuous: 1 cycle per 8 sec.
Dynamic Viscosity Range30,000 - 4,000,000 cps
Standard-Wattage Hydraulic Section240 V / 500 W
High-Wattage Hydraulic Section240 V / 1,000 W