Rhino VE Bulk Unloader

Nordson® Rhino VE bulk unloaders are designed for simple, low maintenance dispensing of high-viscosity, ambient-temperature adhesives and sealants for a variety of manufacturing applications. These durable bulk unloaders provide superior flow properties and ease-of-operation in dispensing high-viscosity adhesive and sealant materials

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Features and Benefits

  • Modular Design – Multiple configurations allow for flexibility to accommodate changes in application requirements. Air motors, standard duty (SD) pumps, extreme duty (XD) pumps and multiple follower plates are interchangeable to allow easy system configuration.
  • Large Internal Passages – Increase pump efficiency by minimizing flow resistance and material shearing internally, more consistent material viscosity is maintained with reduced material degradation.
  • Fast Air Motor Changeover with rapid-cycling, dual air-piloted valve – Provides uniform material output and consistent material pressure. External mounting facilitates service.
  • Oil-less Air Motor – Provides environmentally friendly power and reduced maintenance time.
  • Flange-Mounted Packing Gland – Allows for quick packing removal with no special tools.
  • Automatic Shut-Down – Prevents damage to the unit

Rhino® Bulk Unloaders Optional Accessories

  • Container sizes:
    • 5-gallon (20 liter)
    • 30-gallon (115 liter)
    • 55-gallon (200 liter)
  • Application specific follower-plate seals
  • Available low-waste 55-gallon (200 liter) follower plate
  • Automatic pneumatic changeover
  • Light tower kits
  • Remote electric control kits
  • Casters***
  • Check valves
  • XD version for abrasive materials
RatioAir Motor SizeVolumetric DisplacementMaximum Output
48:110 inch8 in3 /stroke1.1 gallons/min. (4.2 liters/min.)**
65:110 inch5.8 in3 /stroke75 gallons/min. (2.8 liters/min.)**