The Smart-Gun provides three individually controlled valves to manipulate specific nozzle tips. This precise control allows for three different nozzle patterns or orientations to be utilized by the same robot with limited robot manipulation. Nozzle blocks are application specific, ensuring the orientation of each nozzle is optimized for the vehicles access and the application need. Designed for PVC seam sealing applications in interior seam seal, (ISS) and underbody seam sealer (UBS) applications.

Features and benefits

  • Slim design allows for great reach into part without extensive cautionary robot programming.
  • No external valves or square corners.
  • Material inlet on Smart-Gun is in rear, ensuring material hoses do not interfere with part.
  • Capable of dispensing two separate one-part materials, limiting valve changes or needs

Rotary vs stationary

  • Stationary units commonly used in UBS applications and keep moving parts to a minimum.
  • Rotating units include a material swivel and stationary hose inlet, allowing the SG to be roated without wrapping material or air hoses around the robot or tool.

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    RotationInfinite rotation capability (rotating models only)
    MountingFastens directly to robot wrist plate (J6)
    Dimensions21.9" (555 mm) long x 4" (100 mm) dia.
    Tip OrientationModel dependent
    Fluid Valves(3) internal No-Drip valves with spring sssist
    Air Ports(Rotary) (3) “valve open” tube fittings – (1) per nozzle (1) “close all valves” tube fitting
    Air Ports(Stationary) (1) per valve open, (1) per valve close
    Lubrication(1) grease fitting and (1) outlet tube fitting
    Max. inlet pressure1,900 Psi (131 bar) fluid pressure
    Min. air pressure80 Psi (5.5 Bar) air pressure
    AccessoriesSingle- or dual- material inlet manifolds, carbide dispense tips