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2K Meter Series XYZ Dispensing Robot

The easy to use Meter Series automated fluid dispensing robot is unique in the fact that it has a very large tool payload of 20 Kg, this allows the robot to be mounted with a complete meter such as the 801 Meter directly on the gantry, for accurately dispensing resins, adhesives and sealants.

Mounting a fluid meter and metering valve directly onto the robot ensures the application can be as accurate as possible by eliminating any lag or loss within the hoses that can occur in a traditional setup. This gives true repeatable production, even for small shots (<0.5 cc) without sacrificing ratio or volume accuracy.

The work-piece payload of the Meter Series is also impressive coming in at 36 Kg and with a 400 mm x 400 mm the system is versatile enough to cover a wide range of resin dispensing applications, whilst maintaining a long lasting robustness and reliability.

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Maximum Working Area (X/Y/Z)400 mm x 400 mm x 150 mm
Number of Axis3
Drive SystemServo Driven Ball Screw
Maximum Tool Payload20 Kg
Maximum Work-Piece Payload36 Kg
Maximum Speed X/Y Axis500 mm/sec
Maximum Speed Z Axis180-220 mm/sec (dependant on Tool weight)
Repeatability± 0.01 mm
DimensionsH 111.8 cm x W 64.2 cm x D 71.1 cm
Weight62.14 Kg
Input/Output8 inputs / 8 Outputs
Memory Capacity1-99 Programs
Data StorageUSB
Drive MethodPTP and CP
Power SupplyAuto-Switching, AC100-240V, 320W
Teach PendantIncluded