Ultimus I using ESD safe components to dispense epoxy on to a PCB

Precise Fluid Dispensers

Highly accurate fluid dispense controllers are the step up from applying adhesive from squeeze bottles and hand syringes that will increase productivity and process control.

Rockingham Systems offer a wide range of accurate fluid dispensers from manual controlled equipment to time / pressure controlled dispensing and even positive displacement dispensers that can be used with virtually any assembly fluid from very thin solvents and aquatic fluids to thick silicone, flux and solder paste. Dispensing equipment using controlled air power to give maximum dispensing accuracy and consistency for uniform beads, shot sizes and micro-deposits of fluid, from the beginning of the syringe to the end.

To compliment our dispensing equipment please also see our range of process productivity tools, dispenser accessories, filling systems, syringe barrels and dispensing tips.

For accurate dispensing of:-

  • Adhesives.
  • Lubricants.
  • Solder Paste.
  • 2 Part Frozen Epoxy.
  • Anaerobic adhesives.
  • UV Cure Adhesives.
  • Silicones
  • Cyanoacrylates
  • Abrasive Grease
  • Gels and paste.
Robot dispensing valve systems in action.

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