About Rockingham Systems


"We are able to provide the necessary technical solution for your production requirements; it is also our aim to increase the customers profit by reducing their costs; effectively providing 'value' through increased production numbers or reducing cycle times. We are not tied to any adhesive supplier, and can work closely with your chosen adhesive supplier to ensure that technical issues are resolved without fuss".

David Murray, Managing Director.

Where We Work

We work directly with customers based in Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands and UK as well as around the world.

What We Do

Adhesive, Resin & Silicone Services

Supplier and manufacturers of adhesive dispensing and adhesive application systems (resin and glue dispensing machines), we stock and supply spare parts for our machines as well as Casco and Sika systems,

With our expertise in adhesive and resin mixing we have machines that can be used for the manufacture of truck panels, doors, caravans, mobile homes, facade panels, laminations, continuous and discontinuous lines, casting, electronic encapsulation, moulding, veneering, parquet flooring, wood industries, etc.

Our equipment, both manual and automatic, has been used for; polyurethane 1 and 2 component, epoxy, silicone, elastomer, acrylate resin, polysulfide, silicate, urea formaldehyde, melamine urea formaldehyde, phenol resorcinal, emulsion polymer isocyanate, PVC, PVA, resins, etc.

Static Mixers & 2 Part Cartridge Systems

Supplier of Static mixers, 2 part cartridges and cartridge dispensing tools, for packaging and dispensing 2 component adhesives, resins and silicones.

Paint and Industrial Coating Services

Supplier of Industrial coatings Equipment and Contractor Spraying equipment for paint spraying a wide range of one and two part paints, these systems can manual or automatic, we can supply, fit and provide training as well as stocking all required spare parts and offering on or off-site servicing.

Pumping & Fluid Transfer Services

Supplier of Atex certified pumping equipment for ph neutral fluids all the way up to highly aggressive and corrosive products, diaphragm and piston pumps available in steel and stainless steel, specialist diaphragm pumps available in steel, stainless steel, PP, PVDF and ECTFE. For highly viscous (thixotropic) products we supply our piston pumps coupled with our range of bulk extrusion hydraulic rams.

We have experience with a range of fluid transfer, circulation and feeding systems, we are happy to specify a whole turnkey installation or collaborate with your engineers to supply the pumps and controls.

What You Can Expect

When you choose Rockingham Systems you choose a friendly, professional service comprising of a consultation to tailor or solution to your specific requirements. We offer full training programs with our equipment as well as installation and commissioning. We pledge to always stock the parts you may need if something goes wrong as well as the parts needed to service your equipment so they can be shipped at a moments notice.

With any equipment we supply we offer lifetime technical support, this means tomorrow, next week or in years to come, you are looked after. If you have any issues simply give us a call we have engineers experienced with your equipment, ready to talk you through any problems, remotely trouble shoot with you and worse comes to worse, attend your site to address any outstanding issues at the earliest possible opportunity.