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Potting & Encapsulation

Metering, mixing and dispensing systems for potting and encapsulation of electronic components and parts—the full protection you need for your products.

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Rockingham Systems are experts in metering, mixing and dispensing systems for the bubble free potting and encapsulation of electronics components, PCB’s, LED lights, motors and other parts that need the protection that this process delivers.

Widely used in the electronics industry, potting and encapsulation is carried out for a variety of reasons, these are:-

  • Protection again moisture and/or water submersion
  • Protection against physical shock that can damage or loosen components
  • Resistance to chemicals or harsh environments
  • Thermal protection and/or insulation
  • To prevent tampering and/or to protect intellectual property.

The potting and encapsulation of parts are usually used in the following products and processes:-

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Enclosed electrical components
  • LED lights
  • Windings and coils for electric motors and transformers
  • Semiconductors
  • Avionics equipment
  • Transportation and automotive parts.

The most common potting materials are polyurethane, silicones and epoxy resin. Rockingham Systems supply metering and dispensing equipment with vacuum degassing feed systems to carry out this process manually, or with the required degree of automation, ranging from the smallest deposits up to very large fills.