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Transportation & Specialist Vehicles

Adhesive application solutions for vehicular sandwich panels as well as other solutions for truck and delivery van assembly.

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Rockingham Systems are experts in metering, mixing, and fluid dispensing solutions. Our solutions assist in the manufacture of refrigerated truck trailers and delivery vans, caravanstractors, lorries and rail transport vehicles. 

These applications include:- 

  • Adhesive application systems for making sandwich panels
  • Metering and dispensing systems for 2-part assembly adhesives
  • Application of glazing sealants
  • Non slip floor coatings
  • Sealing and bonding of trims, corner pieces and load locks
  • Lubrication and greasing.

Our systems can be configured to your required specifications and fulfil necessary process controls—enhancing production efficiency and reducing carbon footprint in the assembly and manufacture of refrigerated panels, glazing, composite panels, cockpits, etc.