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Conformal Coatings

Conformal coating systems for spray and cover applications using accurate dispense equipment and robots to efficiently and reliably protect your equipment.

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Rockingham Systems supply systems for applying conformal coatings to parts to protect your crucial electronics, our systems can apply precise volumetrically dosed coatings to your parts.

Conformal coating is a thin protective film applied to electronic parts such as PCBs or specific areas of PCBs, typically they are high viscosity thermal Cure or low viscosity UV cure.

Conformal coatings are used to protect electronic components from:-

  • Moisture
  • Salt spray
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Mould growth
  • Joint/solder failures
  • Exposed traces.

Further to this, the protection given from conformal coatings allow for higher voltage gradients and closer track spacing which ultimately assists in the ongoing demand for miniaturisation on designers.

At Rockingham Systems we have equipment for spraying and dosing conformal coatings, we can provide them as a stand alone semi-automated system, as part of a whole process cell (plasma ruggedized, coating and then UV cure, for example, or as part of a fully automated production line).