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Bonding & Sealing

Application of one and two part sealants and adhesives for bonding and sealing various different products and materials in manufacturing environments.

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Rockingham Systems are experts in metering, mixing and dispensing systems for applying glues and sealants in many different applications and provide systems for manual use, semi-automated dispensing systems and fully automated production lines.

Many products are made from multiple parts joined together, bonding and sealing is a generic term to express this but covers many different applications, most refer to the joining of one part to another and some applications require this bond line to also seal the parts again moisture ingress.

Some examples of bonding and sealing are:-

  • Bonding two halves of an electronic enclosure together and providing a water-resistant seal
  • Primary or secondary sealing of glazed units and curtain wall
  • Gluing sensors into a plastic case assembly
  • Sealing around a display module and bonding it into an instrument array
  • Bonding of structural components into a honeycomb panel
  • Sealing around fittings on an aerospace fuel pump.

Common materials for bonding and sealing are mostly medium to high viscosity and can come as a single part material which is usually moisture or heat curing, or with a 2-part material that self-cures when the A-Component and B-Component are mixed together.

Rockingham Systems have experience supplying manual or automated systems for bonding and sealing applications for use with high or low viscosity, single or two part adhesives and sealants.