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Thermal Management

Dispense Thermal Interface Materials for electronics, batteries, heatsinks. TIMs transfer heat away from components, prevent damage and ensure both quality and longevity.

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TIM materials are a large part of electronics design and manufacturing for managing excess thermal energy. As the material is thermally conductive, they are used to improve the heat coupling between the generated load and areas designated for heat dissipation (i.e. heatsinks).

TIMs can come in the form of grease, gap fillers, thermal adhesives and more. They can be used to bond two parts together via thermally conductive bridges, act as an interface layer between two parts sandwiched together (but not joined) or to fill gaps between parts where heat needs to transfer.

Typical thermal paste applications are:-

  • Injection of thermal gap filler into cavities
  • Dispensing thermal paste and gap fillers, into and onto battery modules
  • PCB assemblies
  • Heat sinks and other metal products for joining electronic components
  • Joining processors to CPU coolers.

TIM materials are extremely abrasive and compressible materials, that can come as single part moisture cure or heat cure materials, or as 2-part self-curing products, which when added up can be hard to reliably meter and dispense.

At Rockingham Systems we have vast experience dispensing a large range of these different products, with a range of systems suitable for different deposit sizes, bead lengths, flow rates, repeatability and packaging sizes/types.