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Adhesive Application Systems for Sandwich Panels

Our adhesive application systems are used for spreading adhesive over a large surface area to make truck sandwich panels

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Rockingham Systems offer a range of adhesive applicaion equipment for spreading single-part (1K) and two-part (2K) adhesives on doors, structural insulated panels as well as large surfaces such as trucks and trailers.

We manufacture three different pieces of equipment for the application of 1k polyurethane adhesive:

System 1KM is a manually operated pumping system for making SIP panels.

System 1KAM is a system for applying 1K adhesive on door skins and infill insulation, the adhesive spreader runs on rails so the adhesive can be targetted over the panel.

System 1KA is our automatic adhesive application system for applying one component PU adhesive to make doors and SIP panels.

We manufacture and offer systems for the application of 2K and 3K polyurethane adhesive to large surfaces

System 3200 is used to make truck and trailer panels metering the 2-component adhesive with fixed ratio cylinders a hand held spreader applies the adhesive to the panel surface. 

System 3600 is an automated adhesive application system for making truck panels, this system meters and mixes 2 and 3 component poluyurethane adhesive.