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Aerospace, aviation and defence dispensing solutions: High performance fluid applications for critical assemblies.

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Rockingham Systems are experts in metering, mixing, and fluid dispensing solutions. Our solutions assist in the manufacture of aircraft parts, aviation electronics, engine and turbines, and navigational or reconnaissance technology. We can also assist in processes for the production of spacecraft, satellites as well as armaments and ammunition

These applications include:-

  • Dispensing of high-performance materials such as silver loaded epoxies
  • Honeycomb composite; edge sealing, shimming and filling
  • Metering and dispensing shear sensitive and compressible materials
  • Rivet and screw sealing
  • Coolant pipe bonding
  • Potting Sensors and switches
  • Gasketing and bonding of displays and instrument clusters
  • Greasing and lubricating
  • Rapidly Deployable Radar boxes, field medical, command and control stations.

Our systems can be configured to your required specifications and fulfil stringent process controls—enhancing production efficiency and reducing errors in the manufacture of aviation, aerospace and defence goods.