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Adhesive Spreading / String Beading

Our oldest industrial application: Manual and automatic adhesive application systems for making sandwich panels such as refrigerated trailers, delivery vans, external doors and SIPs.

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Rockingham System have been working in the sandwich panel industry since 2005, experts in metering (sometimes mixing) and spreading single part moisture cure polyurethanes, 2-Part (2K) polyurethanes and 3-Part (3K) polyurethanes* onto various sized panels from door size up to whole walls of refrigerated truck trailers and modular homes.

Typical types of panels our equipment helps manufacture are:-

  • Refrigerated truck trailers and delivery vans
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
  • External doors (composite and UPVC)
  • Modular clean room panels
  • Acoustic panels
  • Whole-wall SIPs (offsite modular homes)
  • RV/caravan wall panels.

Our systems ensure that the correct spacing of adhesive is achieved in “the spread”, the correct grams per square meter is applied and in a speedy but safe manor.

If you are using a single-part polyurethane (MCPU), we apply the water mist to activate the cure to the percentage given on the adhesive's technical datasheet.

If you are using a 2-part we have a disposable mixer and spreader so there is no need for expensive solvent flushing and cleaning.

*3K adhesive is a 3-part mix using the fasted available A-Component and the slowest available A-Component with the standard B-Component, our system will manage all three, mixing the 2 A-Components so that you can dictate the cure time best for your production, layer by layer, panel by panel.