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Nordson Pneumatic 1:1 Ratio Cartridge Dispensers

Hand held dispensing Guns for 2 Component adhesives and resins, packaged in two part cartridge systems. Made for on the go accurate dispensing for on-site bonding and sealing applications as well as use in manufacturing systems for carrying out adhesive applications in multiple working areas of the same factory.

Our 2K Cartridge dispensing guns are light weight and easy to use, with hand held manual guns for 50 ml cartridges as well as a choice manual, pneumatic or cordless lithium ion dispensers for the larger cartridges.

See the table bellow to help select the appropriate dispensing tool for your application.

A range of compatible Nordson Side x Side 1:1 cartridges, ranging 300-1500mL are available here.

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Part#VolumeCartridge SizeRatioDescriptionWeight (lb/kg)
7029678300mL 200 x 100 2:14.0" cylinder7.6 / 3.4
""400mL200 x 2001:1 4.0" cylinder7.6 / 3.4
7029679450mL300 x 150 2:14.0" cylinder8.5 / 3.9
""600mL 300 x 3001:1 4.0" cylinder8.5 / 3.9
73602751500mL750 x 7501:1 4.0" cylinder11.4 / 5.2