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Offsite Construction

Adhesive application solutions for making sandwich panels such as SIP Panels and doors as well as solutions for the glazing and curtainwall industries.

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Rockingham Systems are experts in metering, mixing, and fluid dispensing solutions. Our solutions assist in the construction of prefab houses, buildings multiple applications across the glazing industry. 

These applications include:-

  • Adhesive Spreading for making SIP Panels and whole wall SIPs
  • Adhesive Spreading for making External Door Panels
  • Dispensing systems for Structural Glazing and Curtain Wall
  • Sealing systems for insulated glass (primary and secondary sealing)
  • Sealant pups for single part mastics.

Our systems can be configured to fit the needs of your production site—improving quality, consistency, and ease-of-use in the manufacture of windows, structural glazing and prefab homes.