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Electronics Industry

Electronics dispensing solutions; from dot dispensing and gasketing to potting and assembly.

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Rockingham Systems are experts in metering, mixing, and fluid dispensing solutions. Our solutions assist in the manufacture of PCB and SMT assemblies, semiconductors, circuitry, and other electronics modules. 

These applications include:- 

  • Component assembly and sealing (FIPG)
  • PCB/SMT assembly; Glob Top (dot dispensing), dam and fill, underfill and conformal coatings
  • LED Potting and Encapsulation
  • Communications
  • Cell Phone assembly (optical bonding)
  • Micro-dosing
  • TIM Thermal Management and gap filling.

Our systems can be configured to your required specifications, with or without automation and fulfil necessary process controls—enhancing production efficiency in the manufacture of micro-electronics, mechanical systems, and household goods.