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Nordson Side x Side Cartridge Systems

We supply only high-quality cartridge systems for packaging a wide variety of two-component reactive materials such as adhesives, resins, silicones, coatings and more. Products include Side x Side cartridges in various sizes and 380mL Coaxial cartridges.

Features and Benefits:-

  • Eliminates mess and waste/over-usage.
  • Reduces exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Ensures accurate ratio, proportioning and mixing.
  • Choice of open end or closed outlets.
  • Available in custom colours.

These cartridges are ideal for use with Nordson Pneumatic 1:1 Ratio Cartridge Dispensing Guns, available here.

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380ml Coaxial Cartridge Systems

380 ml Coaxial cartridge systems for 10:1 ratio applications.

Side x Side Cartridge Systems

Side x Side Cartridge Systems in multiple ratios, volumes & colours.

Atlas 2K Pneumatic Piston Inserter

Pneumatic piston inserter, Automaticaly seat and insert Air Free Pistons.