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We can dispense the smallest possible dots for electronics products. Benefit from maximum repeatability, low-waste, and quality assurance. Options to automate the process.

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Micro-dispensing refers to dispensing an extremely small amount of material for thermal management, bonding, sealing, glob-top (dot dispensing), or potting, usually seen deployed in specialist electronics applications. Rockingham Systems have the experience in these kinds of applications dispensing in ranges as low as just a few microlitres, to guide you through the buying process from test runs in the lab, development robots, all the way up to fully automated dispensing lines.

Typical products that may require micro-dispensing are:-

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Semiconductor chips
  • Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Magnet Bonding in Rotor and Stators (eMobility).

As these materials are expected to do quite a few different jobs, Micro-dispensing materials can come in a range of different types from low viscosity to high viscosity, 2-part materials and even heavily abrasive materials, thankfully we have several different systems capable of handle this wide range of materials.

Using this range of equipment we can specify for both low volume production with semi-automated (manually loaded robots), up to high speed/high volume production with fully automated processes.