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162A 500 mm Disposable Spreaders

500 mm disposable 162A Mixer spreaders designed specifically to work with Series 162A spiral mixers to eliminate solvent flushing. They are popular tool for medium to large size sandwich panel manufacturers, used for spreading adhesive such as 2K Polyurethane over a large surface area.

Featuring integral O-Ring for a perfect seal to the Series 162A mixer, a match made for spreading 1 part and 2 part adhesives.

Solvent flushing / cleaning has been a problem for the adhesive application industry for a long time and in particular for companies such as sandwich panel manufacturers, whom need to spread adhesive over a large area but also be faster at applying than roller coating.

Utilising this new setup means a much cleaner more ecological work place as well as cost savings on a number of things such as:-

  • Cleaning & down time.
  • Purchase, Storage and disposal of drums of flammable cleaner.
  • Insurance premium - keeping bulk flammable liquids onsite.
  • Maintenance and up keep of cleaning / flushing units and pumps.
  • Replacement of warn steel spiral mixers and spreaders.
  • 500 mm spreader fits the whole Series 162A static mixer range.

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