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Form-In-Place Gasketing

Automated dispensing systems for the application of FIP Gaskets onto various different parts and geometries with Rockingham Systems.

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Rockingham Systems are experts in metering, mixing & dispensing systems for the application of Form-In-Place Gaskets (FIPG) to seal and protect many different types of products and materials in a manufacturing environment.

Form-In-Place refers to the elimination of traditional hard gasket materials with a liquid gasket that is formed in the place it is needed.

Types of FIPG applications include:-

  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Automotive parts such as head lamps or filler caps
  • Head gaskets and drivetrains on cars
  • Filter seals
  • Appliance seals
  • Lighting
  • Telecoms junction boxes
  • Marine furniture and fittings.

Most FIPG applications are to seal against water/moisture ingress or to provide an airtight seal. Common FIPG materials include single part Sealants (RTV), UV curing sealants, electrically conductive sealants and 2-part liquid foaming gaskets. Rockingham Systems can provide automated dispensing systems to tackle and of these FIPG applications and more.