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Filter Industry

Solutions for the production of Air Filters, including ULPA, HEPA and EPA, as well as liquid filters for Water, Automotive, Transportation, Oil and Gas.

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Rockingham Systems are experts in metering, mixing, and fluid dispensing solutions. We provide fluid metering and mixing solutions for use with ULPA, HEPA, EPA, and other air filters. We also provide solutions for manufacturing liquid filters for water, transportation, Hydraulic industry, Oil and Gas

Applications include:-

  • Form-In-Place Gasket (FIPG) Application
  • Can bonding and sealing
  • Pleat bonding and sealing
  • End-Cap Sealing
  • End-cap potting.

Our systems can be configured to fit the needs of your end-product and production line, be that a manual system, semi-automated process cell or complete production lines.