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Greasing & Lubrication

With a wide range of experience in dispensing grease and oils, Rockingham Systems are well placed to fulfil the lubrication requirements in your products.

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Dispensing lubricants in a precise way is important as often if they are under applied they do not do the job they are intended to do and if over-applied they tend to migrate to there parts of a product where they can cause product failure.

Dispensing systems for lubricants can come in many different shapes and sizes, grease is a high viscosity material and oils are very low viscosity materials, along with this there are often very different dose requirements, placement requirements and expectations for repeatability.

Some typical lubrication application are:-

  • Automotive Body; locks, hinges, catches, sunroofs, and window mechanisms
  • Automotive interior; Slides, buckles, glovebox parts, seat rails and switches
  • Motors, engines, gear boxes and drivetrains
  • Bearings
  • Furniture and domestic appliance parts
  • Food packaging closures
  • Condensers and compressors
  • Stamping/Pressing machines
  • Roll forming and tube forming machines
  • Finning machines
  • General parts that require repeatable long-lasting movement.

Rockingham Systems has you covered, we are experienced in dispensing many different types of lubricants across many different products and industries, from dispensing small dots in specific areas, to large slugs or beads or spraying onto whole areas. We have a variety of different systems for different volumes and throughputs as well as modularly configurable feed systems to work with your suppliers packaging, be it 200L or 20L drums, down to 300ml cartridge or syringes.

We can specify grease or oil dispensers for manual application by operators, to work in pre-existing production lines, as a semi-automated process cell or as part of a full production line.