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EFR 2-Part Metering System

The Graco Electric Fixed Ratio (EFR) system is an electrically driven meter, mix and dispense system for two component sealant and adhesive delivery. Ideal for applications requiring a precision dispense, the EFR provides superior control over material and dispensing of gaskets, beads, shots and for potting applications. Trust in the EFR, which is accurate, versatile and easy to use.

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Accurate dispensing is key for quality end products. With the EFR you can be assured to reach accuracy during every dispense.

  • Consistent Ratio

The ratio is controlled by our mechanically linked volumetric Z-pumps. These pumps dispense 50% of their nominal volume in each stroke. This allows for accurate ratio control in small shots and in continuous flow.

  • Start & Stop

The electric motor directly controls the movement in the pumps so that the requested flow rate is achieved directly from the start. With the additional automatic calibration cycle, snake heads at the start and tails at the end are eliminated.

  • Shot Repeatability

With the built-in encoder, material flow is continuously controlled to assure a consistent flow rate, even during pump changeovers.

  • During Pump Changeovers

In combination with Graco’s control architecture, the advanced drive unit can recognize when the pump is close to changeover and is able to accelerate and decelerate to eliminate pulsation in the dispense.


The EFR gives you the versatility to choose the material and flow rates you need no matter what your project requirements are.

  • Flow Rates

The EFR system consists of a powerful electric motor and a precise encoder. While the motor is powerful enough to give you a high output up to 3.2L per minute, the precise encoder helps you control the flow to reach very low flows or small shots consistently.

  • Material

With the EFR system you have the freedom to use the material that best fits your application. The unit can be configured with different versions of Z-pumps to handle a wide range of materials, including difficult to ratio and very abrasive ones.