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Micro-Meter P2K

The Micro-Meter P2K is a small, light and easy-to-mount two-component meter that does not sacrifice any volumetric accuracy in the dispense process.

With two precisely cut rods controlled by a pneumatic actuator, the P2K ensures reliable volumetric ratios. Three shot sizes are programmable, allowing users to control metering easily as opposed to physically toggling sensors.

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  • Massive on precision – Positive rod displacement metering technology proportions materials to the exact volumetric ratio specified by manufacturers, time and time again.
  • Application flexibility – Configurations provide flexibility to accommodate changes in application or material requirements. Servo-drive option combines adjustable and variable flow rate with positive rod-driven repeatability in shot or bead output.
  • Versatile – Up to three shot sizes can be programmed, allowing an operator to toggle through the options on the control panel as opposed to physically moving any sensors.
  • Assurance – Two rods are precisely cut to specific diameters and are moved by a pneumatic actuator, ensuring consistent volumetric ratio throughout the entire dispensing process.