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RCX 5:1 Dispensing Cartridges

RCX fluid dispensing cartridges are designed for 4:1 ratio, 2-part materials such as epoxies, silicones, urethanes, acrylics and polyesters. Available in 360, or 900 mL sizes.

These cartridges are ideal for use with Pneumatic 5:1 Ratio Cartridge Dispensing Guns, available here.

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DescriptionCartidge MaterialOutlet Style / ClosureCartridge RatioCartridge VolumePiston Type
RCX-360-5PEOutlet Plugs / Retaining Nut5:1360Piston with Air Bleed Valve
RCX-900-5PPOutlet Plugs / Retaining Nut5:1900Solid Piston