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RMX Spiral Static Mixers

Our plastic disposable Static Mixer nozzles for use with meter, mix and dispense machines as well as for dispensing from 2-part plastic cartridges.

This range has been developed in response to customer demand to provide alternative mixers to some of the market leading offerings, we have alternatives to offer for the most common static mixer from Nordson EFD and Sulzer Mixpac (Medmix).

  • Elements: Acetyl / Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Retaining Method: Standard Bell Mouth Mixer (requires retaining nut or mixer jacket to fit to dispense valve or cartridge.
  • Fit for 2-Part Meter Dispense Valves and 150ml to 1500ml two-component Integral and Clip-together cartridges.

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Part NumberDescriptionOutlet Style/Mixer ShapeElement Diameter/Width (SQ)Number of ElementsElement LengthTotal LengthOutlet IDPart Number Inlet SizeTAH/EFD mixer equivalentSulzer mixer equivalent
101824RMX-5-24TStepped / Spiral5241181501.510182417
101825RMX-6-8ZLuer Slip / Spiral685590210182517


RMX-6-24NLuer Slip / Spiral624150191310182617160-624 / 7700837MS 6-24 / MCH 6-24T
101827RMX-6-24NLuer Slip / Spiral624150191210182717


RMX-6-32ZLuer Slip / Spiral632195240210182817160-632/ 7700856MS 6-32/MCH 6-32T
101829RMX-7.5-24T-SQStepped / Square7.5241041302.610182917
101830RMX-7.5-24T-SQStepped / Square7.5241041302.610183017
101831RMX-8-17TStepped / Spiral817130165310183117
101832RMX-8-24T-SQStepped / Square824120132310183217


RMX-8-32TStepped / Spiral8322482882.510183317160-732/ 7700879 MS 8-32/MCH 8 -32T
101834RMX-8-32TStepped / Square8321001302.510183417
101835RMX-9.3-13TStepped / Spiral9.313124161310183517
101836RMX-9.3-18TStepped / Spiral9.310172210310183617
101837RMX-9.3-21TStepped / Spiral9.321198232310183717
101838RMX-9.3-24TStepped / Spiral9.324198232310183817
101839RMX-9.3-24NLuer Slip / Spiral9.3242002763.510183917
101840RMX-10-18TStepped / Spiral10181752145.510184017
101841RMX-10- 18TStepped / Spiral1018175214310184117


RMX-10-24TStepped / Spiral1024235276310184217160-824 / 7700904MS 10-24/MCH 10-24T


RMX-10-32TLuer Slip / Spiral1032310350310184317160-830 / 7700927MS 10-32/MCH 10-32T
101844RMX-11-18JLuer Slip / Spiral1118155211310184417
101845RMX-11-18TLuer Slip / Spiral11181552113.510184517
101846RMX-13-12TStepped / Spiral1312154.51983.510184617


RMX-13-24TStepped / Spiral13242482944.210184717161-224/ 7701010MS 13-24/MCH 13/24T
101848RMX-13-32NStepped / Spiral13323253774.210184817


RMX-13-36TStepped / Spiral13363764204.210184917161-236/ 7701038MS 13-36/MCH 13-36T
101850RMX-13-36TStepped / Spiral13363764204.210185017
101851RMX-17-3-16NStepped / Spiral17161101504.610185117