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Guide to Selecting an Adhesive or Resin Dispensing System

Adhesive & resin dispensing applications in any manufacturing process can be a challenge, especially when the material is 2-part, as on top of the normal parameters to adhere to, you now must ensure correct mix ratio, consistently.

Generally, there are two types of systems to choose from; Fluid Dispensers that dispense product from a syringe or cartridge and meter mix dispense systems that are fed straight from a bulk container or tank.

Any decision on suitable equipment will most likely depend on the pot life of the material, shot-size, budget and the level of accuracy required.

Considerations also must be made based on the stage of production you are in, production numbers, Product longevity and Return on Investment.

Fluid Dispenser

Fluid dispensers achieve precise, controlled amounts and can dispense a wide range of products, they are particularly good for low production volume and/or low dispense amount applications.

These can be utilised either by weighing and pre-mixing your own 2-part resin into syringes, with frozen products like epoxy for electronic components which need thawing immediately before use and with a 2-Part cartridge tool for use with standard ratio Side x Side Cartridges.


  • Precise and repeatable capabilities.
  • Budget friendly pricing.
  • Easy to program and maintain.
  • Use with abrasive fillers.
  • Dispense wide ratio products.


  • Labour/time intensive preparation.
  • Difficult with short pot life products.
  • Chance of poor ratio.
  • Stop / Start production.
  • Smaller dispense amounts.

Meter Mix Dispense System

Meter Mix Dispense are very versatile, they can work with low, medium and high viscosity resins offering varied dispense amounts from low to high volume shots. They are a very good fit if you have high production throughput, a product you know you will be making for a long time and to guarantee correct mix ratio.

These systems can be fed either straight from the manufacturers container using pumps, which makes for easier handling and limits contamination or with refillable feed tanks that can be used to pressure feed the system or for other steps in the process such as agitation and degassing.

Meter Mix Dispense systems use a disposable static mixer at the outlet of the dispensing gun this means that the A and B Components are kept separate until they are dispensed which eliminates worry about open time and limits both cleaning and material waste.


  • Guaranteed correct ratio.
  • High production numbers.
  • Little preparation and cleaning.
  • Limited, predictable material waste.
  • Variable dispense amounts.


  • Higher initial purchase cost.
  • Limited on very low volume shots.
  • Abrasive fillers mean more servicing.
  • Difficult to change resin and ratio.
  • Generally limited with wide ratio resins (>10:1).

Dispensing Automation

One thing that is often overlooked when specifying new equipment is Automation. Providing you have the production numbers and the application is suitable, an XYZ Robot or Gantry System can dramatically alter Return on Investment by increasing production numbers and reducing or eliminating labour costs and material waste.

Another plus point for automation is repeatability, which not only increases product quality, but also simplifies many other production jobs such as production planning, ordering material and housekeeping.